Date Thursday, September 26, 2002

Lynette and Mark's Travel Log

Hong Kong 26 September 2002

We've had nearly a week in Hong Kong now and are starting to get used to the idea that we're away for a while!

We're lucky enough to have two sets of people we know here so have shared the time between them. Doug and Viv live in Discovery Bay so we were able to explore the islands and Tim SS is on HK island - a good base for Kowloon and HK island.

The islands are a really interesting insight into how the Chinese live here. The first image below is of Lamma Island - as you arrive on the ferry you see a little cove where there are shacks on stilts. Fishermen and their families live here. What makes it more interesting is the backdrop of a modern powerstation.

Also on Lamma island there's a good hour long walk over the hill - so here's the mid point with Doug, Viv and Mark...

Discovery Bay is on Lantau so we've had a good explore there, including a trip up to 'Big Buddha' the largest seated bronze Buddha in the world (apparently)... He's an impressive chap!

Now we've moved across to HK island and are exploring all the sites of Kowloon and the main island.

My parents were married here 34 years ago so we've had fun retracing their steps - or trying to. Searching for the Church of Scotland of Nathan Road led us to St Andrews. I thought this a safe bet, but they've no record of the wedding here - I'm not panicking yet, but Graeme, next time you're in Kilmacolm ask to to see the marriage certificate! I've seen the photos so I'm sure it did happen!!

The one thing that my Mum talked about so much was the Star Ferry and I can see why - it does give the best views of the island.

On our last day in HK we thought we should visit Aberdeen to compare it to the real Granite City - it's certainly less grey and much warmer, but I prefer the one back home. We had an interesting ride on a sampan boat though...

So goodbye from HK from Mark and Tim SS...

Next stop Hanoi...

Friday, September 13, 2002


Lynette and Mark's Travel Log

On 20 September 2002, Mark and Lynette Jackson will set off on a round the world trip...

We decided that at 30, it's now or never - well at least now with a backpack or some time way in the future with hard luggage!

Our plans are:
Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, NZ, Fiji, LA, Vegas, San Francisco, down the west coast to LA, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica - Home!

This will take us a year.

But as someone pointed out (thanks JFB) this means 6,760 hours in each other's company - poor Mark did I hear someone cry??!

Anyway, I don't want to become a travel bore, but I will anyway....

Let the adventure begin...............